Valerio Gemmetto's home page


Tel:    +31 71 527 5527
Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics 
Leiden Institute of Physics
University of Leiden
P.O. Box 9506, NL-2300 RA
Niels Bohrweg 2
NL-2333 CA Leiden
The Netherlands

Personal information

I was born in Alba (Italy) and I grew up in Canale (Italy, as well). After attending the high school Liceo Scientifico L. Cocito in Alba (2008), I gained a Bachelor Degree in Physics at University of Turin (2011). Afterwards, I graduated in Physics of Complex Systems (2013), collaborating with ISI Foundation during my Master project, supervised by Dr. Ciro Cattuto and Dr. Alain Barrat. In november 2013 I moved to Leiden (the Netherlands), where I started my PhD in the Econophysics and Network Theory group led by Dr. Diego Garlaschelli.

Research interests

My research focuses on complex networks. In particular, I am interested in multi-layer complex networks, i.e. systems composed by nodes connected by different kinds of links. So far, I have been working on economic (International Trade Network) and transportation systems (European airport Network). I am also involved in the study of networks of scientific publications, in collaboration with the ScienceWISE platform. The research is performed within the european Multiplex project (Foundational Research on multilevel complex networks and systems). In the past, I have also dealt with epidemic models on human contact networks and mitigation strategies of airborne infectious diseases, in collaboration with the SocioPatterns project. Here, you can find a short movie showing which kind of data I used (credits to A. Barrat and A. Panisson).