Vincenzo Vitelli


Professor of condensed matter pyhsics

Soft Condensed Matter Theory Group


Universiteit Leiden





















Research Interests


My research interests are in the areas of soft condensed matter theory and statistical mechanics with an emphasis, over the last few years, on the physics of frustrated and amorphous materials. I have contributed to elucidate the properties of crystalline, liquid crystalline and He films confined on in-homogeneously curved substrates. Current work is addressing energy transport and vibrational dynamics in jammed packings of soft spheres just above the onset of mechanical rigidity. These simple models offer insights into the physics of granular materials and glasses. I have recently applied concepts and methods originating in condensed matter theory to the study of weak gravitational lensing.


Selected Publications

  • Jayson Paulose, Bryan Gin-ge Chen, Vincenzo Vitelli, Topological modes bound to dislocations in mechanical metamaterials, arxiv 1406.3323 (2014). PDF
  • Bryan Gin-ge Chen, Nitin Upadhyaya, Vincenzo Vitelli, Nonlinear conduction in a topological mechanical insulator: solitons in linkages, arxiv 1404.2263 (2014). PDF
  • Jean-Baptiste Caussin, Alexandre Solon, Anton Peshkov, Hugues Chaté, Thierry Dauxois, Julien Tailleur, Vincenzo Vitelli, Denis Bartolo, Emergent spatial structures in flocking models: a dynamical system insight, PRL 112, 148102 (2014). PDF
  • Stephan Ulrich, Nitin Upadhyaya, Bas van Opheusden, Vincenzo Vitelli, Shear shocks in fragile networks, PNAS, 110, 20929, (2013). PDF
  • E. Pairam, J. Vallamkondu, V. Koning, B. C. van Zuiden, P. W. Ellis, M. A. Bates, V. Vitelli, A. Fernandez Nieves, Stable nematic droplets with handles, PNAS, 110, 9295, (2013). PDF
  • A. M. Tichler, L. R. Gómez, N. Upadhyaya, X. Campman, V. F. Nesterenko, and V. Vitelli Transmission and reflection of strongly nonlinear solitary waves at granular interfaces, PRL, 111, 048001 (2013). PDF
  • V. Vitelli, Topological soft matter: Kagome lattices with a twist, PNAS, 109, 12266 (2012). PDF
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