Luca Giomi

Welcome to Giomi's Soft & Bio Mechanics group!

We are interested in understanding the mechanics of soft materials, of which biological materials are prominent examples. Soft materials are those that can be easily deformed by external stress, electromagnetic fields or just thermal fluctuations: in other words everything that is wet, squishy or floppy. To pursue this, we use a combination of analytical techniques, numerical simulations and, from time to time, some simple experiment.


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[13.04.2023] Ludwig gets the Rubicon

[03.11.2021] Livio wins the Paladin prize

[25.03.2021] Welcome Dimitris, Jose and Livo!

[12.03.2020] Luca awarded NWO Groot grant


[05.09.2022] Tuneable defect-curvature coupling and topological transitions in active shells

[26.04.2022] Stress fibers orient traction forces on micropatterns: A hybrid cellular Potts model study

[26.04.2022] Passive self-propulsion and enhanced annihilation of p-atic defects


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