Fall 2020

Ana Achúcarro, Oort 269, ext. 5518,
email: achucar (at)

Teaching assistants:
Guadalupe Canas Herrera, Oort 272, ext. 5515
email: canasherrera (at)
Alexandar Bukva , Oort 238, ext. 5503
email: Bukva (at)

(C) S. Carroll, Spacetime and Geometry, an Introduction to General Relativity, Addison-Wesley 2004
Also recommended:
(H) J. Hartle, Gravity, an Introduction to Einstein's General Relativity, Addison-Wesley 2003

Announcement about the start of classes

Dear students,

Tomorrow, 1st September, we are having our first TGR lecture from 09:00 to 10:45. It will take place on campus (in the De Sitterzaal at Huygens Laboratory Building). ATTENTION: The maximum capacity on the De Sitterzaal is about 30 students. Once the room is full, another room (Huygens 211) will be available to follow the lecture live-streamed with the help of a Teaching Assistant.

The lecture will be streamed using Kaltura Live Room.

Kind regards,

TGR team