Benny van Zuiden

Benny van Zuiden

Full name: Dr. Benjamin Chai van Zuiden (Leiden University)
Position: Graduated PhD Candidate
Group: Prof. dr. Vincenzo Vitelli's Soft Condensed Matter Theory Group
Location: Instituut Lorentz (Leiden University) Oort 266

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About me

I am a Ph.D. theoretical and computational physics, who has extensive experience in algorithm design, low level programming (C/C++), and data analysis. I am also not afraid to getting my hands dirty: I have set up a computer cluster with over twenty nodes for our research group for which I was the sole administrator for a long time. I combine an academic understanding of abstract mathematics and statistics with a hacker attitude of getting things done. Additionally, I have experience in teaching, team leading and sales.


During my time as Ph.D. candidate, I was mostly working simulations of various active systems, revealing their geometric and topological properties, see the publications section for more information. Additionally, I maintained some code for the group, most notably a molecular dynamics library, and I have released a mathematical parser library and svg creation library. Furthermore, I maintained a 20-node computer cluster ("Southpark Cluster") to do some calculations with and also built experiments/demonstrations using Lego, Arduinos, laser cutters, 3D-printers and air hockey tables. I have also taught four years of Computational Physics (as a T/A; course given prof.dr. G.T. Barkema [a hero in the field]) and gave a workshop on differential geometry. Previously, I have worked nematic liquid crystals confined in toroidal geometries and crystal melting transitions on curved substrates. I have also worked differential geometry and how to handle them computationally (tbp), and released some work on Geometry on a Monge patch. Finally, I also briefly worked with Kilo Bots which was fun, I've created a small command line tool for it too.

Selected Publications

  • Topological sound in active-liquid metamaterials, Anton Souslov, Benjamin C. van Zuiden, Denis Bartolo and Vincenzo Vitelli, Nature Physics  (2017)
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  • Spatiotemporal order and emergent edge currents in active spinner materials, Benjamin C. van Zuiden, Jayson Paulose, William T. M. Irvine, Denis Bartolo and Vincenzo Vitelli, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(46):12919-12924, (2016)
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