Notable software by me

  • libmd a molecular dynamics library optimized for soft matter
    libmd is a molecular dynamics library written in c++11 by the here at the Vitelli group. It is written by Dr. Thomas H. Beuman, Dr. Jayson Paulose, and myself (maintainer). libmd is not published yet, but the goal is to release under a modified BSD-like license, once its currently unpublished algorithms are published. Documentation is available here.

  • tlv an extremely lightweight svg header only library

  • pallache a small and simple header only math parser library

  • kilocmd a command line interface for the kilobots

You will probably find other software by me, or one of my alteregos floating around on the internet.

Endorsed software

  • Arch Linux is really my favorite operating system.
    I used to work with Fedora, but after trying Arch once I never looked back and switched all my systems to it. Arch works, it is lightweight and up to date, it packs way more and doesn't have issues with "forbidden fruits". Additionally, the documentation is phenomenal beyond anything else I've seen, fast accessible and to the point.

  • Neovim is my favorite and only text editor.
    I never understood editor wars, didn't care about them nano, notepad, gedit were good enough for me. Or so I thought. Then one day a friend introduced me to vi(m) -- formerly known to me as that annoying program that if I'd accidentally start it, it would take me some time to figure out how to quit... -- at first I was like WTF why the hell would you do that it doesn't make sense. but an hour later later I was sold, my productivity increased, so much and it is always improving due to new neat trick and better plugins. Then Neovim came along and I switched fairly fast, mostly because it is more community driven, and I like the embedded terminal.

  • zsh is the shell I use
    Bash is good too, but zsh is still nicer :)

  • tmux is a terminal multiplexer
    Terminator and screen used to be cool, but tmux is just so much better in just so many ways.

  • awk and sed are one of my favorite tools in the shell

  • julia the high-speed scientific scripting language
    I used to dislike python but it slowly grew on me (scroll down)... later I discovered Julia, and now I'm in love! Julia is great, Julia is big... Julia is smart, Julia is fast, Julia convenient. In all seriousness, Julia is what I wished python was -- if I ever had the patience to write a programming language it would be Julia. For testing and developing mathematical algorithms Julia is my current language of choice.

  • python the vanilla data analysis language
    I used to dislike python but it slowly grew on me. While it has terrible performance the ease at which you can write simple scripts that can do whatever is just amazing. If program performance isn't an issue python has tons of libraries that will enable you to do anything from data processing to data scraping.

  • ffmpeg is my swiss pocketknife for video editing
    It just always works!

  • qiv and feh image viewers
    Both have their own benefits.

  • zathura is my favorite pdf viewer
    Mostly because it always works and is vi like.
There is a lot of other software I use and would endorse but of course it wouldn't make sense to make this list complete.

Southpark computer cluster

I also manage a computer cluster with 20 nodes and one additional head node. The computer cluster is called the Southpark computer cluster. All of the nodes have the same hardware and run Arch Linux (Arch Linux for reasons explained above).
(to be expanded... someday)

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