Benny van Zuiden

Full name: Benjamin Chai van Zuiden, MSc (Leiden University)
Position: PhD Candidate (Final stages; available for hire)
Group: Prof. dr. Vincenzo Vitelli's Soft Condensed Matter Theory Group
Location: Instituut Lorentz (Leiden University) Oort 266

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About me

Computers are my favorite tool to research, understand and improve the world. From social behavior to hardcore mathematics and physics, nowadays everything can be researched using these machines. Professionally, I spend most of my time doing molecular dynamics simulations using a homemade library to research open questions in soft condensed matter physics and active matter physics. As a hobbyist, I come up with interesting social, economic, political, practical, mathematical and cs type questions and see if I can answer them. Sometimes I like to make art using my computer.


Currently, I'm mostly working simulations of various active systems, revealing their geometric and topological properties, see the publications section for more information. Additionally, I maintain some code for the group, most notably a molecular dynamics library, and I have released a mathematical parser library and svg creation library. Furthermore, I maintain a 20-node computer cluster ("Southpark Cluster") to do some calculations with. Previously, I have worked nematic liquid crystals confined in toroidal geometries and crystal melting transitions on curved substrates. I have also worked differential geometry and how to handle them computationally (tbp), and released some work on Geometry on a Monge patch. Finally, I briefly worked with Kilo Bots which was fun, I've created a small command line tool for it too.

Selected Publications

  • Spatiotemporal order and emergent edge currents in active spinner materials, Benjamin C. van Zuiden, Jayson Paulose, William T. M. Irvine, Denis Bartolo and Vincenzo Vitelli, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(46):12919-12924, (2016)
    [ http | doi | arXiv | highlight ]

  • Stable nematic droplets with handles, Ekapop Pairam, Jayalakshmi Vallamkondu, Vinzenz Koning, Benjamin C. van Zuiden, Perry W. Ellis, Martin A. Bates, Vincenzo Vitelli and Alberto Fernandez-Nieves, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110(23):9295-9300, (2013)
    [ http | doi | arXiv ]

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