Late-universe cosmology.
Study of modified theories of gravity and their observable effects on large-scale structure. I have particularly worked on various aspects of massive gravity/bigravity models, infrared non-local modifications of gravity, multifield dark energy models. I have interest in studying the gravitational wave observations for constraining the modified gravity models.

Quintessential inflation.
I am particularly interested in quintessential inflationary scenarios (inflation-dark energy connection). I have worked on a realization of this idea in the framework of inflationary alpha-attractors. In this context I am also interested in physics of reheating.

Screening mechanisms in theories of modified gravity.
I am studying screening mechanisms using analytical and numerical methods. My interest in this area is concentrated on applications to cosmological, astrophysical and laboratory configurations, both static and time dependent.

Quantum field theories on backgrounds with boundaries and non-trivial topologies.
I am interested in generalized Randall-Sundrum-type models. I have particularly worked on investigating the properties of quantized scalar and fermionic fields in higher dimensional Randall-Sundrum models with compactified extra dimensions.

Other topics in cosmology and astrophysics.
I am in general interested in physics of high energy astrophysical sources, e.g. quasars/AGNs, neutron star binaries etc. Previously I have worked on quasar evolution.