Alessandra Silvestri

Instituut Lorentz, Leiden University

Niels Bohrweg 2, Leiden,

NL-2333 CA

The Netherlands

+31 71-5275540

Alessandra Silvestri


Contact Informations:

Welcome to my home page! I am an Assistant Professor at the Instituut Lorentz for Theoretical Physics. I work in the field of theoretical cosmology. You can find more info about my research interests here, and about my publications here. Info about my research group here.

MGCAMB (patch to CAMB for cosmological tests of gravity)

EFTCAMB (patch to CAMB implementing EFT of dark energy)


  1. -October_15 version of EFTCAMB now publicly available! many new features, including compatibility with Planck 2015 likelihood!