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Wim van Saarloos

LION, Universiteit Leiden
Postbus 9506
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands

Email: saarloos@lorentz.leidenuniv.nl

This webpage contains information on my former activities as a faculty member at the Instituut-Lorentz in the physics department (LION) of Universiteit Leiden: on November 1 2009 I became director of the physics foundation FOM.

New: 20 in 2020, a proposal, developed with professor Els Goulmy, to increase the number of female scientists in the Netherlands to 20% by 2020. The plan was submitted to the Dutch ministry of Science, Education and Culture (OCW) in April 2010. Here is a podcast of a radio interview on our plan.

Research activities and highlights

*my CV & list of publications, citation search advice & photographs
*Nonequilibrium Pattern Formation and Complex Fluids
*Correlated Systems
*Lowlights and misses
*Front propagation into unstable states, Physics Reports, 386 29-222 (2003)
*Complex fluids and biophysics seminars, group seminars with the theoretical biophysics group

Specials in Dutch

*Physica Lezing 2008: Jamming ideeën worden volwassen
*Interview in NTvN over Sectorplan Natuur- en Sterrenkunde

Courses and classes

*Advanced Condensed Matter Theory
*Pattern Formation and Dynamics in Nonequilibrium Systems, spring 2003 [1999]


*Former students and postdocs
*Collaborators and friends

Doing a PhD or postdoc at the Instituut-Lorentz

*Frequently asked questions about doing a PhD or postdoc in Leiden