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Address: Lorentz Institute
Leiden University
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
The Netherlands

Nassaulaan 74
2382 GP Zoeterwoude
The Netherlands
Email: henk@lorentz.leidenuniv.nl

Present affiliations:

Emeritus professor at the Lorentz Institute ; guest professor at the Beijing Normal University.

Current research:

Novel simulation techniques

Phase transitions and critical phenomena

Renormalization group theory

For details, see List of Publications .

Some interactive demonstrations, which include nonlocal Monte Carlo methods, were provided by Jouke Heringa (e-mail: J.R.Heringa@tudelft.nl) .

Courses lectured:

Quantum mechanics

Computational physics

Statistical physics

Efficient Monte Carlo methods

Exact solutions of lattice models

Renormalization group theory

General relativity

Non-professional activities: astronomy, telescope building

Some pictures taken in Shabla, Bulgaria, of the 1999 total solar eclipse, using a reflex camera with a 400 mm telephoto objective, using Kodak Elite 400 ISO film for color slides:

Picture 1: beginning of eclipse (F/16, 1/500 sec.) Picture 2: corona (F/16, 1/100 sec.) Picture 3: corona (F/8, 1/20 sec.) Picture 4: end of eclipse, diamond ring (F/16, 1/500 sec.). It thus seems that even theorists can take pictures, as illustrated by these images of this solar eclipse, and also a picture taken by Gerard 't Hooft.