PostDoctoral Fellow

Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics

Niels Bohrweg 2

Leiden, NL-2333 CA

The Netherlands

Room: Oort 260

Phone: +31 71 527 55 04

E-mail: garzilli at lorentz . leidenuniv . nl


I am a postdoctoral Fellow in the group of Alexey Boyarsky.

Research Interests

I work on the physics of the intergalactic medium.

Refereed Publications

  1. ‘The broadening of Lyman-α forest absorption lines’, A. Garzilli, T. Theuns and J. Schaye, accepted on MNRAS, 2015
  2. ‘The intergalactic medium thermal history at redshift z=1.7–3.2 from the Lyman alpha forest: a comparison of measurements using wavelets and the flux distribution’, A. Garzilli, J. S. Bolton, T.-S. Kim, S. Leach, M. Viel, MNRAS, 424:1723-1736, 2012
  3. ‘No observational constraints from hypothetical collisions of hypothetical dark halo primordial black holes with galactic objects’,M. A. Abramowicz, J. K. Becker, P. L. Biermann, A. Garzilli, F. Johansson, L. Qian, ApJ, 705:659-669, 2009